Announcing Apptron: Cross-platform Native APIs Made Accessible

Zero Config Native Apps from HTML

Turn an HTML file and any other web assets into a self-contained, cross-platform executable in a single command.

Language Agnostic Building Block

Use the Apptron APIs like a library from any language without C extensions or tricky event loops.

Shell Scriptable Native APIs

Use platform APIs from CLI commands to break shell scripting out of the terminal and into the desktop GUI.

Early Access

In the meantime, we’re opening up Early Access via the Apptron website:

Help Wanted

I’ve been using Apptron in some form with the rest of the Tractor System for over a year now, but to make this a solid standalone primitive I’ll need your help. Please consider joining early access to play around with it and give feedback.


A huge thanks to my sponsors, who I depend on to fund this early R&D work on the Tractor System. As long as it’s sustainable, I look forward to releasing more powerful open source primitives.



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